Staff and Leadership

Please find below an introduction to our church leaders and staff members.
pastor120   kofo
Kunle Adetola - Parish Pastor   Kofoworola Adetola
Kunle is an Administrator with many years experience, He also holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). He was ordained as a Deacon in November 1997; he became an Assistant Pastor in 2004 and ordained a Full Pastor in October 2011. Kunle has a strong passion for marriages and to see men and women fulfil their purpose in life. He is married to Kofoworola and they are blessed with three children.   Kofoworola heads the Children and Women ministry (Wise Virgin) and the pregnant women group (CORD). She was ordained as a Deaconess in November 2004, and holds a Masters degree in Human Resources Management. She currently works as an HR Manager & provides HR Consultancy to Several Organisations. She is passionate about helping people who have lost hope and she has passion in the area of orphanages and adoption. She is married to Kunle and they are blessed with 3 children.
Aurelia   Tunde
Aurelia Adegunju   Tunde Joseph
Aurelia Adegunju, a passionate worship minister and a fashion enterpreneur, married to Oyebanji Adegunju and blessed with 3 wonderful boys. She is wonderfully ordained as a Deaconess.   Tunde studied Business Studies & Finance and has many years of experience. He was ordained as a Deacon in 2005 and has served in various roles within the church. Tunde has a calling on his life to Prophecy and Prayer, and his role in the church is to stand in the gap. Tunde is married to Funmi and is blessed with two beautiful daughters.
GokeBB   Michael Obadansmall
Adegoke Adeyemo   Michael Obadan
Adegoke Adeyemo is an Accountant and holds a Master in Business Administration. He is a minister with a passion for the word and heads the teaching department which covers sunday school and bible study.
He is married to Yemi and blessed with two wonderful children.
  Michael Obadan is a Communications Specialist and a published author. He is also head of our Youth ministry.
Michael is passionate about teaching the bible and is particularly keen on impacting the younger generation. He believes they have a very important role to play in spreading the gospel in a technological age dominated by celebrity and pop culture.

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